ABC Registered Border Collie StockDogs

Our dogs are bred to work cattle. They are strong dogs that work for a living and trial for fun and competition. We have pups and started dogs available from time to time. Call or email for what's available.

"Field Rep./Non Stocking Dealer"






Me And Bailey Taking A Chopper Ride

Bailey Had To Console Me The Whole Flight


Bailey Up At Bat

Three Strikes Your Out


Bailey Running Barrels


Bailey Flying Dismount At Pervis



Keith Heading Steer On Blue


Ty's First Calf Tyed In 3 Years --- Not Bad


Ty Heading At Pervis High 2010


Bailey Running Barrels


Bailey Running Barrels Top 11 Percent Of 333 Entries

Bailey Running Poles At Meridian Mississippi


Bailey Flying Dismount At Pervis

Bailey Tying Her Goat


Best Friends


Ty Working Spurs


Bailey In The World Series