At Stud Rockin G Roc

Roc Is The Son Of Razors Blade


Click Here For 2013 Winnings Update: Rockin G Roc And Razors Blade


Congrats to Tim Wild Thang Lepard

Tim purchased Rockin G Spade and Rockin G Jim
They are going to be saddle broke and monkeys will be riding them herding up big horn sheep



Rockin G Roc At The Shreveport Trial

Roc Taking Hold


Tom About To Wup Up On Keith

My ole Bubby Tom smarted off so I took a hold of him. I been working out and told him I think I can take him. What did he say? "That will be $10 for the pic" lol. Love ya buddy great to see y'all




DuckHead Cowdog Trial
May 18-19 2013

Roc won 1st in the 1st go & 3rd in the 2nd go and 2nd in the average in the Pronovice



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2013 SSDA Ranch Champion

Rockin G Roc (Son Of Blade)

The last SSDA trial in Seminary, Mississippi Rockin G Roc won 1st in the 1st go of the Ranch & 2nd the second day winning the average buckle. He also was 2nd both days in the Nursery. Roc is a son of Razor's Blade and a great grandson of the late Rockin G Spurs.

GOD Is Good

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Keith Gilleon

My name is Keith Gilleon and I live in Ethel, Louisiana. I have been training border collies to work cattle on the ranch and for trial dogs for about 13 years. From time to time I have pups and started dogs for sale. I also have trained dogs that are ready for cowdog trials or trained to go to work on your ranch. I will also train and /or trial your dog in competition. Your dog can be trained to whatever level you like, from obedience to a fully trained cowdog. Please visit my Contact page to get in touch with me. I will do my best to help you with any questions you may have.


Keith Gilleon wins the West Fork Invitational with Razor's "Blade"


ABC Registered

Border Collie StockDogs

Home of Legendary

Rocking G Spurs

Worlds Most Winning Cow Dog

04/08/1992 - 07/25/2005

Click here for Spurs Pedigree


My Dogs Chillin After Herding A Couple Of Hundred Cows


Me Pictured With A Few Of My Herding Dogs




And you thought Keith did all the training! Better Think Again

 Pictured is Ty Gilleon working Rocking G Spurs at a trial in Lindale Texas.




"Keith" I took a little time off from trialing cow dogs to do some roping with the kids, but I'll be back soon.

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Rockin  G  Kennels



Head 'N Heels Border Collies

Oak Tree Border Collies


Sundowners Stock Dog Association

Power Gates and Controls


Bart Hobbs Ranch Dog U  


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