"Field Rep./Non Stocking Dealer"






God blessed me with a good trip up north to Wyoming 2015. I attended 6 trials and won 3 First, 2 Seconds, A Third, A Forth, A Sixth, 2 Eighths, And A Tenth.

Rockin G Reo Open Champion

Colfax County Cattledog Trial 2015


Rockin G Roc Open Champion

Seven Bar Ranch CDT 2015


Rockin G Reo Open Champion

Jim Grant Memorial



Southern Stock Dog Assoc.

Stringer Farms

Fall Cattle Dog Trial 2014

What a blessed weekend!! Roc won the average in the Open and Reo won the Nursery average and the Ranch average.

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Rockin G Reo won the average buckle in the Pro-Novice for the average.
Reo also won the 2nd go in the Nursery class and 3rd n the Regional NCA finals.
Rocking G Roc won 3rd n the Regional Open finals.







Spring Duckhead Cowdog Trial 2014

Receiving Buckle From Mike Minor For Open Horseback At Spring Duckhead Trial

Roc Winning The Open Horse Back Class


Stringer Trial 2014
Reo Winning The Average Buckle In The Ranch Class


Jack King Trial

Reo won 2,  3rd In The Ranch Class And Won 1st Sunday In The Nursery Class


Duckhead Cowdog Trial
May 18-19 2013


Roc won 1st in the 1st go and 3rd in the 2nd go and 2nd in the average in the Pronovice Class



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2013 SSDA Ranch Champion

Rockin G Roc (Son Of Blade)

The last SSDA trial in Seminary, Mississippi Rockin G Roc won 1st in the 1st go of the Ranch & 2nd the second day winning the average buckle. He also was 2nd both days in the Nursery. Roc is a son of Razor's Blade and a great grandson of the late Rockin G Spurs.




Southern Stock Dog Association

Open Dog of the year Rockin G Wyatt

At the last trial weekend he came in 1 point n the lead. He won the 1st go round Friday, and was down in the 2nd go then came back and won the finals short go. Wyatt is a son of Rockin G Spurs

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Rockin G Roc a son of Blade out of a granddaughter of Rockin G Spurs At the trial thanksgiving weekend in Brandon, Ms Roc won 2nd in the Ranch and Nursery in the 1st go. 2nd in the nursery in the 2nd go and won the average in the nursery qualifying him for the National Finals in Steamboat Springs, Co



Rocking G Roc (son of Blade)



Roc won the Deep South Regional Finals in the Nursery class & is qualified for the National Finals Cattle Dog Trial in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.


2013 SSDA Ranch Champion

 Boiser City, LA on June 16th


Koty won the average in the Ranch Class

Ranch Champion


Sulphur La Trial Along With A Ranch Rodeo

 Trail was horseback with 2 dogs. There were curdogs and border collies. I won it with Rockin G Bit (a son of the late Rockin G Spurs) and Rockin G Koty (grandson of Spurs). Won a real nice custom made collar and leach.


Southern Stock Dog Assoc.

Hazlehurst, MS on April 14th and 15th

Thanks To Rodney Smith For Allowing Us

To Trial At His Farm

Razor's Blade won the Open Saturday & 2nd n it Sunday, thus winning the average for the two days and won a new buckle. He is ten years old but still doing pretty good. I got several sons of his that are doing good too.

Rockin G Bit. Son of spurs won 3rd in the Ranch Class at Rodney Smith's trial

Rockin G Wyatt won a bag of dog feed.


Covington Company Cattle Dog Trial

Presented By

Southern Stock dog Association

Jan 20, 2012

Keith Gilleon 2nd in Ranch With Rockin G Bit


Crossfire Challenge 2009

November 14, 15 2009

Razor's Blade won 4th in the 1st go round in open. Top ten dogs went to the finals on Sunday. Blade finished 6th.

Rockin G Wyatt, in the Non-Open won 3rd in first go round 1st in the second go and 2nd in average, only being beat by his half brother, Rockin G Cinch handled by Robin Dillion.


C & T Cattle Trial

October 17, 18 2009

Palmetto, La. at Lane Campbell's Ranch

Razor's Blade won 1st both days in open and the average. Won a nice plaque.

Rockin G Wyatt won 2nd Sunday in Ranch.


Sundowner Shoot November 2006

Everyone ran two go rounds with the top going to the finals. Razor's Blade won the average of the two goes in the Open and Jazz won the novice class. In the finals there were two more go-rounds that started with a clean slate. Blade had a great run in the first round but drew an eliminator yearling in the second. We got through two obstacles good but when we got to the third one head would not stop running around, every where but where I wanted her. Blade would not quit. It was like he knew we had to get her in order to win. And win he did, getting all three thru the third obstacle with only seconds left. Jazz won both her go-rounds and won her first buckle. It is a big honor to win a class at the Shootout. But to win both was a true blessing. God has been so good to me. . He has really blessed me and my dogs.   Keith



Horseback Champion:

 Razor's "Blade"

Owner/Handler Keith Gilleon



in late October 2006. It was a wet rainy weekend. They had a open horse back class that was not advertised.. Razor Blade won first with Rockin G Rowel coming in second.

 Rowel got hurt in the Maturity class. He had about an hour before the Maturity Horse back class. I thought I was going to have to scratch him but right before it was time for him to run he quite carrying his back leg. So we went on out there. I guess he knew that if I say him limping I would not let him run. Rowel started his outrun good but when he hit the real deep mud he picked up his hurting leg. He ran the complete course on three legs and he even had to run hard and bite on the head to get yearlings stopped. He went on to win second place right behind Blade.



C & T Cattle Trial

October 14, 15 2006

Palmetto, La. at Lane Campbells Ranch

In the Open, I won first both days with Blade and second with Rowel both days. High Point money winner in each class received a nice monogrammed jacket. Blade won the Open, William Hetzel with Rope won the Ranch Class. Mr. J.T. Herbert won the beginner with Rockin G Ace. Ace is a son of Rockin G Whip out of a daughter of Rockin G Spurs, Both who are decieced now.
Lane did a supper job on this trial. There was about 10 beginners and everyone had a great time.




Winner Keith Gilleon with Razor's "Blade"  September 30, 2006

Keith Gilleon wins the West Fork Challenge Invitational. The Challenge is by invitation only with 12 of the top handlers and dogs competing.




Texas Cattle Dog Assn.

November 18, 19 2005

 Finals in Big Lake, Texas this past Friday and Saturday

First go-round in open Blade won 3rd, Rob 4th, Rowel 5th.

Second go-round Blade won 1st, Rob 2nd.

 Spec won 1st in the second round of the pro novice.

Blade won the average in the open and the buckle and Rob won 3rd in the average.  Spec was 6th in the average in pro novice.




2005 Sundowner Shoot-Out

November 11, 12, 13

Novice Champion: Rocking G "Rowel"

5th Place Open Razor's "Blade"



2005 LSCDF Futurity/Maturity

Futurity 6th place "Jazz"

Maturity 4th place Razor's "Blade"




Presented by Director John Davis

2005 Sundowner Dog Of The Year Awards

Open Champion:

 Keith Gilleon & Razor's "Blade"


Reserve Open Champion:

Keith Gilleon & Rocking G "Rob"


Novice Reserve Champion:

 Keith Gilleon & Rocking G "Rowel"



Wednesday September 14, 2005


Wednesday morning I headed out to west Texas to Odessa where there was a Texas Cattle Dog Trial Thursday. I won second in the first round of the open with Rob, third with Blade and fifth with Rowel. In the Pro-novice Speck won it as he also did in the second go-round.  Rob and Blade ended up tying on points for the average in the open with Rob coming out on top and winning the buckle. Speck won the buckle in the Pro-novice.

It turned out to be a good trip and I had a good time visiting with all my west Texas buddies. Sure was a long drive back to Louisiana from there the next day.      




Friday September 9, 2005


 I headed out to Durant, OK to the Sundowner Stockdog Assn. trial. They were using fresh cattle that had only been weaned for a short time. They were pretty rank and only a few dogs got their cattle loaded into the trailer. I was very fortunate to come out as good as I did, thank God. Rockin G Rowel won the open and the novice. Rockin G Rob won second in the open. Rockin G Speck won the Ranch. On Sunday Rockin G Rob won the open and Rockin G Speck won second in the ranch. I was thankful for all of that and the hospitality of Aaron and Shelly Hayes with whom I stayed with. Monday Aaron and I loaded up the trailer with 7 dogs and headed out to Broken Bow, OK to pen about 80 pairs of cows / calves for John Manning. When we got there some were already in the lot with the gate closed. Aaron said since we drove all this way, we will open the gate turn them out and let the dogs pen them. We had plenty more to pen though. We sorted off the cows and waited for Darrel Cook to show up and buy all the calves. It turned out to be a good day except when John fell into the creek and got hurt.